Local Search Audit


Are you operating out of a physical location, local SEO on and off your website plays an important role in increasing awareness for your business. We’ll review your local SEO and provide a guide for you to make improvements. View the description below for more detailed information about the audit.


We will review your local on- and off-site SEO by looking at your website, Google Business Listing, and other local SEO signals and give suggestions for optimizing your local reach and increasing foot-traffic or appointments for your brick and mortar location.

Looking for a steady flow of traffic through your storefront? Or want your clients booking your services months in advance because of high demand? That’s what we want for you to and optimizing your local SEO is important to increasing awareness.

While the basics are easy and there is an abundant amount of resources available online telling you how you can optimize your local reach, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes we miss the basics, or we set up our profiles years ago without updating them to meet the modern criteria which is always changing.

This one time local search audit will provide you with a checklist of things to improve on your own.

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