Paid Ads Review


Are you currently running paid ads on social media or Google? If you aren’t achieving the results you are looking for let us review your ad accounts and make suggestions for you to implement. Simply grant us access to your ad account/s or provide a detailed report of all campaigns for the past 12 months. View the description below for more detailed information about the audit.

Please note you will need to provide us with access to view your analytics account and all ad accounts you would like to us to review. 


We will review your social media or Google ad account and give suggestions for optimizing your reach and achieve your goals. The review covers one ad account. We will review all ads run in the past 12 months and provide you with insights into how to improve your campaigns.

You might think that it’s simple enough to boost a few posts on social media, but are you throwing money into the wind or is your paid ad strategy helping you grow you business and meet goals?

This one time social media audit covers one ad account on any of these platforms: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, or Google.

What to expect during this review process:

  1. We will send you instructions on how to give us access to your accounts.
  2. During a 30 minute discovery call we will discuss your current advertising goals and strategy.
  3. We will take approximately one week to review your accounts.
  4. A report will be provided to you that summarize your current ad performance and provides a checklist for areas of improvement that you can implement.



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