Marketing Your Experiences

Spend time doing what you love and keep delivering quality experiences to your customers. Let us take care of telling your story and reaching your target audience to attract new customers.

Website Design

Website Design

We’ll design a website that captures the essence of your business. Let us tell your story and attract new leads. Step away from the computer…we have this part covered.

Consulting and Quick Services


If you want to keep implementation in house...we can get you started by developing a strong marketing strategy and teach your team how to achieve results!

Social Media

Social Media

We know you offer great services and experiences…do your potential guests know that? Let us help with your social campaigns and advertising.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful marketing channels. We can help by creating and sending emails or setting up automated email programs to your contacts.

Website Design Services

A website is often your potential guests first impression of your business. Be true to your brand with a website that tells your story and creates a clear path for visitors to convert to customers!


Give your customers the information they need to make a decision. Tell the story about your business and highlight why they should choose you.

Capture Leads

Sending emails? Capture more leads on your website with clear call to actions.


Are you booking guests or services online? Connect your booking platform to your website to sell more tickets.

User Experience

Your website is designed with the best user experience in mind. Make a good first impression!

Social Media Campaigns

Every great business deserves a great social media following. We know your business delivers an experience worth talking about, so let’s get them talking! We can help you build a social media following, schedule posts or help with PPC ads on existing accounts. Don’t have any social media accounts? Contact us now!

Scheduled Content

Keep your content fresh and engaging! You provide the content and we’ll implement a scheduled plan for a professional social media appearance that will reach your followers.

Paid Advertising

We can build a campaign strategy across one or more social media platforms and extend your reach beyond word of mouth.

Email Marketing

You’ve done everything right. You captured your guests email addresses at the time of booking or on your activity waivers. Maybe you have a website popup or blog subscription form. Now what? We can set up email automations and campaigns that provide valuable content to your future guests and to potential returning guests. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective aways to communicate your story.

Quick Services

If you have an in-house marketing team, but need assistance to help reach your marketing goals you can work with Whatever Marketing using one of our quick services below. Use our audits independently or with our marketing consulting to help implement the suggestions provided.

If you are interested in a review of your social media, local search, or paid ads simply add the item/s to your cart and check out. If we need additional information we will contact you via email within 48 hrs. All reviews are completed within 7-10 business days.

Social Media Audit

We will review your social media accounts and give suggestions for optimizing your reach and engagement including basic page/profile set up and content. Social media accounts limited to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. $150

Local Search Audit

Are you operating out of a physical location, local SEO on and off your website plays an important role in increasing awareness for your business. We'll review your local SEO and provide a guide for you to make improvements. $75

Paid Ad Review

Are you currently running paid ads on social media or Google? If you aren't achieving the results you are looking for let us review your ad accounts and make suggestions for you to implement. Simply grant us access to your ad account/s or provide a detailed report of all campaigns for the past 12 months. $190

Marketing Consulting

Looking for help with your in-house marketing. We can provide weekly consultations to help you or your staff achieve greater marketing results for emails, social media, or website traffic. $80/hr